• Electrical Power Infrastructure - Low and Medium Voltage Installations
  • Emergency Power System Installations - Standby Generator Sets, UPS, CBS.
  • Authority Approved Safety & Security System Installations - MOI Approved CCTV & Access Control System,
  • QCDD Approved Fire Alarm & Voice Evacuation System.
  • LC / ELV System Installations - PA System, IPTV, Audio-Visual, Queuing Management, Parking Management, Lighting Control,
  • Nurse Call, Toilet Alarm, Master Clock, AFILS, BMS.
  • IT System Installations - Passive and Active Components for IP Telephone, Data & WIFI
  • HVAV - Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Pressurization and Smoke Extract Systems
  • Fire Fighting - Sprinkler, Fire Hose, Foam and Clean Agent Fire Protection Systems
  • Plumbing - Storm Water, Sewage Water Drainage Systems, Sewage Water Treatment Systems and  Cold & Hot Water Supply Systems
  • Irrigation - Drip, Bubbler & Sprinkler Systems
  • Water Features - Fountain and Artificial Lakes
  • Special systems - Control Room and Data Centers with Tier-3 & 4 Systems

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